Nothing contributes as much character to the landscape than a beautifully finished drive, a magnificent stone wall, a quaint garden pathway, or a pristine stone patio.

At Michael Jackson Landscape, we are skilled in the design and installation of custom driveways, walls, walkways, patios, and pool decks.

Our professional hardscape manager works directly with the landscape architect and consults with clients on stone and aggregate selection. We fully supervise and manage the preparation of the property for the installation of hardscapes to ensure that they are properly installed to last a lifetime.

To see examples of our Hardscape work Visit our Project Gallery.

Custom Driveways

Exposed Aggregate: Aggregates such as Granite, Indiana Pea Gravel, and Buff Pea Gravel are incorporated into a concrete blend and the surface is buffed and finished to create a smooth, polished surface.

Textured and Colored Concrete: We offer a variety of colors with or without special aggregates. We can also stain your driveways, walks and garage floors.

Custom Aprons: Our skilled installers can put in custom aprons for your driveways in several types of materials and patterns, including: Cobblestone patterns - herringbone and running bond; Stone - inclluding Crab Orchard, Fieldstone or bluestone, and many types of brick or pavers.

Cobblestone and Brick Curbing: We install curb and gutters, soldier and sailor curbing and stretchers, etc.

Motor Court Medallions: These distinctive medallions are installed in your choice of cobblestone, brick, stone or other special materials.

To view examples of our Hardscape work visit our Project Gallery.

Flat Work

Walkways: We can create beautiful walkways finished from a large selection of stone or brick. Chose from a natural look such as an irregular pattern using Tan Crab Orchard Stone or a more formal pattern such as Random Ashler in a Blue Stone.

Patios: Your walkways can lead to or from a patio installed with the same materials. In addition to constructing a new patio, we can cover your old concrete pad with a beautiful stone selection. This is a great way to add value to your home while creating a new outdoor space for your family.

Pool Decks: Our skilled masons routinely finish new pool decks and coping for pool companies and builders using the finest selection of stone and brick. We can also repair or refurbish old pool decks that have cracked over time or just need a modern update.


Decorative Stone: A stone wall adds structure and dimension to any landscape, in addition to having a functional role relative to grade changes. Consider Field Stone, Tennessee Stack, Crab Orchard, and many others to create a beautiful wall within the landscape.

Granite: When seeking function over aesthetics, granite can be a cost effective way to build a retaining wall that will stand the test of time. When used in certain patterns along with other materials such as brick or stone, it can be quite beautiful as well.

Brick: We can build a brick wall as an extension of the home or just to have that traditional feel carried throughout the garden or landscape.

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5914 Goshen Springs Road
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Fax: 770-263-1018
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