Landscape Management

Managing estate properties is the signature service of our company. We develop long-term relationships with our clients to provide custom services for each and every landscape. Our clients have confidence in the foremen and division managers in charge of their properties. They are fully licensed and our non-native managers are fluent in English.

Michael Jackson Landscapes delivers a unique, team approach to managing your property. We meet weekly to discuss the needs of each of our properties so that all team members know what to expect and anticipate. This enables us to provide seamless care and proactive problem solving to keep your landscape investment healthy and beautiful over the years.

Annual Management Program

The landscape management division of Michael Jackson Landscape provides an annual management program designed to keep your landscape investment in immaculate condition year-round.

Our turnkey landscape management services include:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits by expert professionals
  • Soil analysis and conditioning
  • Continuous nutrition and plant health assessment
  • Irrigation system installation & monitoring
  • Installation upgrades and plant replacement
  • Expert pruning and care for all varieties of shrubs, hedges, and ornamentals
  • Expert lawn care using the most advanced equipment available
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Topiary trimming
  • Acquisition of plant material
  • Seasonal color installation
  • On-call to assess and repair storm damage
  • On-call to prepare your property for special occasions

Pruning and Seasonal Color

The landscape management team members at Michael Jackson Landscape are skilled in the pruning techniques required to maintain formal boxwoods and hedges, espaliered vines and fruit trees, and topiary shrubs.

During our regularly scheduled visits, we continuously evaluate all shrubbery, hedges and vines and determine a program to keep them in top form.

We also have a regular program of seasonal color installation and ensure that bedding plants, perennial beds and flowering shrubs are nurtured and prepared in advance to provide a burst of color during the appropriate season.

Horticulture Preventative Care

Our horticultural preventive care program is aimed at developing the long term health of your shrubs so they look their best and thrive for many years. On our regularly scheduled maintenance visits to your property, we do a walk through to evaluate the growth and development of each and every one of the shrubs in your landscape.

An important part of keeping your landscape investment in top form is to monitor the growth of your shrubs to ensure that they maintain an appropriate size for the landscape. Shrubs that are allowed to become overgrown do not maintain optimum health and contribute to an unbalanced appearance.

Our crews are skilled in proper pruning techniques to ensure that formal boxwoods and other hedges, topiary shrubs and espaliered vines and fruit trees continue to maintain their shape and vitality and always look their best.

Expert Lawn Care

An immaculate lawn with a thick carpet of healthy grass is an essential foundation for any landscape investment.

The management team at Michael Jackson Landscape Company is fully equipped with the finest lawn care equipment available designed to maintain your lawn without damaging it during maintenance.

We have developed and use our own proprietary formulas to individually customize our fertilization and prevention program to the needs of each lawn depending on the type of grass and the environment of the lawn.

We also perform seasonal lawn maintenance including aeration and overseeding to keep your lawn in great condition.

Plus, we provide recommendations and service regarding your current irrigation system for both your lawn and the irrigation of your shrubs and trees.

Custom Nutritional Program

At Michael Jackson Landscape Company we add value to our service by offering customized fertilization and infestation prevention to ensure that the products we apply do the job for the requirements of your individual landscape. It saves money, time, and most importantly it contributes to a healthy, vibrant landscape.

No two landscape environments are the same. Soil makeup, sunlight, humidity and other environmental factors all play a role in the type of nutrition and preventive care that a particular landscape requires.

Our management teams receive hours of in-house training and are certified in the safe handling of all of the products we use to manage your landscape material.

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5914 Goshen Springs Road
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Office: 770-263-0797
Fax: 770-263-1018
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